English as a Bharathiya language

English as a Bharathiya language

One alternative that I’d like to propose to this group is to suggest English as a common medium of exchange🙏

Samskritham is perhaps the only alternative 😇

Hindi is a medieval era mongrel of various local dialects, with too strong an influence from non-Bhaarateeya traditions such as Persian, Turkic & Arabic Urdu, and is therefore far too limited in my mind.

As a Tamizhan - privileged to have received one of the planet’s truly classical languages 🙏- I find Hindi profoundly unacceptable!

This argument that a big segment of colonized India speaks it, is one I find frankly Ridiculous!

The advantages with English are two-fold:

  1. It enables Bharathiyas to be fully integrated into the practical reality of the 21st century world, that is our everyday life.
  2. Even more importantly, Sri Aurobindo 🙏, composed His “Savitri” - that summum bonum of His uniquely extraordinary essence of the Vedic perspective - in English.