How Society Brainwashes Women

you said 50.1% of women are childless by the age of 30. Well, that's not good. That's a sign of something profoundly wrong with the entire culture at an extremely deep level.

How Society Brainwashes Women

Question: You see the ONS data that came out a couple of weeks ago that said for the first time ever since records began, 50.1% of women are childless by 30. So there are more women without children at 30 than there are women with children. The first time as well….

Jordan Peterson:  somebody clipped a part of one of my podcasts. I believe it was where I was talking about what our society does for 19-year-old women or 18-year-old. We just lie to them all the time, you know, the first lie is there's nothing more important than your career, more or less by definition. That's the first lie. The second lie is there will be nothing more important to you. In your career. So that's the second lie. And then the third lie is there should be nothing more important in your life than your career. So that's the third lie.

And then implicit in that is the idea that children are burdened and that the idea that women should have children is part of the oppressive patriarchy and should be resisted. And you tell me what I can do with my body and hey! Fair Enough. etc., etc.

Now, I've worked in female-dominated occupations my entire life, and so I've watched women Progress through their Professional careers at every level of attainment, from the lowest to the highest, and observed what happened and relatively I would say bias-free because I didn't know. And what I've seen is that as women progress towards their late 20s, there’s a psychological transformation, and what happens is that they place less emphasis on their Career and way more emphasis, particularly on having a child That reaches around a crisis point around 29 or 30 for the vast majority of women and their attitude flips. I've seen it, Very Dramatically with many women, and I suppose the most single convincing evidence of that, I worked with high-end lawyers in Toronto for about 10 years.

I was part of an organization. We went to law firms, and high-end law firms, and said, “send us your most productive people. We will help them iron out whatever wrinkles there might be still in their Life and the advantage to them is that things will go better for them and the advantage to you is they'll be even more productive.” And there's a good management dictum which is paid the most attention to your most productive people because they're bringing in the bulk of your revenue. Disproportionately.  and so I worked with Men and Women who were at the peak of their careers in a very difficult enterprise, and so these were women who were generally very attractive, well put together physically. Pretty Stable Psychologically, extremely conscientious, very smart, and high achieving from junior high all the way through, High School, University, and law school, Onto the top firms rocketing up through the ranks. Full partnership, By the time they were 29 or 30.

all the law firms, all the women bailed out, All of them. Law Firms couldn’t Keep them. And I talked to the women a lot, a lot about this because it was very interesting in it because I knew the law firms were bending themselves over Backwards and tying themselves into knots, trying to retain these women.  because. But why wouldn't they?  you know, just being greedy capitalists is enough, you know? They don’t want to lose their high Performing women because they're performing at the highest level. But the firms couldn’t keep them.

The women wanted to have nine-to-five jobs they wanted to bind the job,  so they can have a life. And that was especially true once they got interested in having a child or had one.  and what? It was a very interesting realization. So because they were highly conscientious women, they sort of did their duty and worked hard Diligently and didn't pop their heads up to ask questions. Their junior high and they got the best grades, they were in high school, and they got the best grades, right till they reach partnership. But that's sort of an apogee, right? You hit a partnership with a senior law firm. It's like you're up, you're at the top of your profession.

Well, then what? So then they looked around and they thought. Here I am with all these like, hyper-competitive men.  perfectly willing to work 80 hours a week nonstop to stay at the top. What the hell are they doing? Because that's the real question. What is it that characterizes this small percentage of hypercompetitive men?  you can assume that that’s how Everyone should be. But first of all, that isn't how everyone is.

Or you can flip that and say, well, there's only a small minority of human beings that are willing to do this, to work flat out eight hours a week. I mean, they're getting, they're certainly being paid for it. Let's make no mistake about that. But what about the rest of your life?

Well, that's what the women asked. Why am I doing this? And that's a great question. Well, for men, there's a different answer than for women, It's a really different answer. And it isn't like the men are exactly thinking this through. It's more like this is integral. Motivation. The more successful you are as a man, the more women like you.

Question: But the problem that you have now is that as women are getting. With more employment, more status, and more prestige, they compete themselves out of their ability to find an attractive mate as women raise up through the dominant hierarchy. And this is competence. Higher competence, hierarchy. Sorry, who's going to tell women that  Equal access to opportunity that you have recently just acquired. Actually, That's doing it. It's making it more difficult for you to find a mate that you're fundamentally attractive.

Jordan Peterson: Yeah, well, it does a lot of things. I mean, it does provide women with a lot more. Opportunity on the economic front, it does decrease their dependency on their mate in relationship to economic security and countries that are willing to educate women, that's the best predictor of their future economic success.

So if you look at. And you want to find out what about a developing country is most likely to predict the fact that they will continue to thrive economically? It's their attitude towards the education of women and a couple of more things.  Women's educational status predicts their children's educational status, but men's educational status doesn't.

So that's also an important multi-generational effect or someone released a clip of me talking about some of the things we just talked about and it went out on YouTube shorts and it's got like 5 million views in a month or something like that and the comment section is unbelievably Vitriolic. Every single comment is vitriolic. And it's all from women. Like who is this white Bastard telling us what we should do with our body.

I wasn't being judgmental. I was just saying exactly what I said to you, which is. Over the entire course of my life with, I would say, an affectionate eye, you know, I love my sister, I love my wife, I have a daughter, I love my mother. I'm very happy about women and all things considered, I don't have an axe to grind in relation to how they should conduct their lives. I don't even know how they should conduct their lives.

I've watched What Happens. I have also watched what happens to women who hit 29 or 30 and then can't conceive. And that is not a fate I would wish on anyone. It's awful. And 30% of couples fall into that, and 30% of couples have difficulty conceiving. It’s a lot. And the probability that you'll have difficulty conceiving increases with age.

And so, you know salovey.  but it's very interesting to me to see how vitriolic those comments have been and how uniform that is. Because, Usually, on My YouTube channel in particular 95% of the comments are positive and this is completely the opposite of that.

And then, brought this up at the beginning, and you said 50.1% of women are childless by the age of 30. Well, that's not good. That's a sign of something profoundly wrong with the entire culture at an extremely deep level.